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Paranormal Videos & Paranormal Video Clips     This web site (updated 2014) contains the paranormal videos and paranormal video clips from our psychic investigations and paranormal research work given freely to those who seek.    God bless Jane McCarthy

face[1]New Instructive paranormal videos about orbs, orbs & dimensions and timelines in Paranormal video 6

This amazing paranormal video shows a dimension opening up! See left for close up of dimensional orb taken on that psychic investigation. More paranormal videos. Click on the cameras to see the paranormal videos.

This fantastic short paranormal video clip shows a close up of the dimension opening up from the paranormal video above - go to ‘Paranormal Videos 1’ to see a longer version of this FANTASTIC paranormal video clip. (paranormal videos and paranormal video clips 2009.

chris[1]Paranormal video movie  taken in the Kooler’s Nightclub by Anthony Thomas - go to web page entitled ‘Paranormal Video Clips 5.’ Right is a paranormal photograph of Chris McCarthy showing a moving orb above his head. See amazing paranormal videos from the psychic investigation - (Paranormal Videos org)

This new paranormal video of Kooler’s Nightclub shows a variety of the paranormal video clips and photographs during the Psychic Investigation - (Paranormal Videos org)

Koolers2[1]Three paranormal videos (4) taken on this new psychic investigation in Kooler’s Nightclub, Merthyr Tydfil. See paranormal video clips of moving orbs going into a wall & Paranormal videos slowed down to see more clearly.

See amazing paranormal videos of a dimension opening up with entities coming from it and also view a paranormal video clip showing a blue orb moving!! (Paranormal Videos org)

littlegirl2[1]New paranormal video clip now updated for the Psychic Investigation at Bassaleg near Newport. Note that if paranormal videos are filmed in night vision it will be stated in the paranormal video clip page.  Left is psychic art portrait from the psychic investigation. (Paranormal Videos org)

Paranormal Videos updated 2014

marketingreadings1[1]The research work which includes the paranormal video clips, paranormal videos, paranormal photographs and orb photographs etc along with the teachings from spirit are giving freely on the four web sites - to help support the work have a psychic reading:-

Psychic Readings 24hrs by Credit Card

UK Free phone - 08000 670 335

jane[1]The psychic readers are gentle, caring people who use their special gifts. Some are qualified psychic mediums who work in the Spiritualist churches. We offer psychic readings by credit card which is a freephone number. Our credit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader/psychic medium you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile. Psychic Readings are for ‘Entertainment purposes only.’

psychicinveban02Jane McCarthy has three other web sites - Click left for Psychic Investigators

face1[1]This site is full of paranormal photographs, orb photographs and research work and stunning photographs of dimensions, energy lines and UFOs

banner3[1]The Psychic Investigations web site - click left.

groupwhich include orb photographs, psychic art portraits and paranormal videos . Left is a close up of an orb taken in a haunted house belonging to the manager of a ironworks - is this his family group?

banner6[1]The Psychic Readings web site explains all types of psychic readings such as mediumship, psychic readings, aura readings and relationship readings. In addition, it has ghost stories, spirit photographs and an explanation into telepathy and astral travel.

Web page ‘paranormal videos’ (Paranormal Videos org)

Please note that this web site will contain all the paranormal videos from our psychic investigations and research work and will be an ongoing project. The paranormal videos and paranormal video clips copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy

Photographs copyright Christopher McCarthy 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

Paranormal Videos copyright Christopher McCarthy 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (Paranormal Videos org)










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