Jane McCarthy

Jane works on the Spiritualist church circuit as a speaker & demonstrator in the UK and is a qualified certificated medium with the Christian Spiritualist Society International (CSSI); also a member of Healer Practitioner Association International (HPAI) registered as a healer and counsellor. Published author of ‘The Wondrous Cross’, a book about the spiritual pathway and author of the book entitled ‘The Connection between Energy Lines, The Orb Phenomenon, Dimensions and Ufos.’ She has had numerous articles published by magazines & newspapers and has undertaken psychic investigations for a major magazine. Jane has also appeared on radio broadcasts and has had her own programme with Star Radio in October 2005 answering spiritual questions and undertaking live readings in the radio studio.

jane3She has appeared as a Psychic Medium and Spirit Photographer with the BBC on the series ‘I love Wales’ and in February and April 2005, Jane was a Psychic TV presenter on Destiny TV. Jane was interviewed by ‘The Moore Show’ in 2011. Jane undertakes workshops for the churches and is a speaker in National & International Conferences on various subjects which includes a presentation of ‘The Connection between the Energy lines, Orbs, Dimensions and Ufos.’ with examples in paranormal photographs and videos.

Psychic night out poster small 2Finally, Jane is also a psychic artist and undertakes the psychic art portraits on all her psychic investigations and clairvoyant demonstrations. Jane has just completed a Theatre Spring Tour 2012 as a Psychic Artist in ‘A Psychic Night Out’ a Brian Yeates Production.  A copy of the poster for the show can be seen left.


Christopher McCarthy

chris1Christopher is a sceptic and uses reason to try and explain some of the strange paranormal activity he has witnessed which has intrigued him. He has specialized in the photography side of the psychic investigations and research work and has already captured paranormal phenomenon on film. By using numerous different types of cameras he captures the paranormal activity on still photographs and video film. He has appeared as a paranormal photographer with the BBC on the series ‘I love Wales’He enjoys taking orbs, spirit, dimensions and paranormal photographs at the workshops and clairvoyant demonstrations and showing what he has captured at the end of the session on a laptop proving no interference in the photographs. Christopher has over twenty years of experience of dealing with the paranormal.

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