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mag1[1]02Psychic Investigation published in Take a Break magazine ‘Fate and Fortune’ issue as part of a competition

WhiteLion1[2]02Paranormal Videos and paranormal video Clips from Psychic Investigation (1) at the White Lion in Llantwit Major, South Wales

Click on the camera to view this paranormal video clip which is run in normal speed

Click on the camera to see the paranormal video clip which runs slowly forwards and then backwards.

This amazing paranormal video clip shows the above but close up. It runs at normal speed then it is slowed down backwards and then runs slowly forwards. This paranormal video has been taken in night vision.

bed1[1]The above paranormal video clip was taken in bedroom three of the White Lion Public House ‘Oast House.’ Left is orb photograph taken in that bedroom on the psychic investigation. Click on the link below to visit the Oast House website and also to see a photograph of bedroom three.

The second paranormal video clip runs slowly forwards for you to see a bright object or dimension opening by the side of the first lady leg who is sat on the left hand side. If you look carefully you can see an object floating over to where Jane McCarthy is sitting on the right hand side and disappears around her hands. A further object floats over immediately after the first one and again disappears in the same place. Amazing paranormal Video!

ghostface1[1]This paranormal video clip was taken around midnight whilst undertaking a psychic investigation. The psychic art portrait was drawn by Jane McCarthy on this psychic investigation which was recognised by one of the residents as the ghost he saw and spoke to one eerie night

Jane McCarthy was contacted by a fellow Healer Counsellor, called Malcolm, who stated that the White Lion Hotel had commissioned a website designer, called Rob, to promote the hotel. Apparently, Rob who is interested in the paranormal took a photograph of one of the hotel’s bedrooms and there appeared the ghostly face of a young girl. Jane contacted the hotel and spoke to the Licencee, Jimmy Lee, who explained that there was a lot of paranormal activity going on not only in the pub but also in the Oast House which had been converted into a hotel. Ashtrays were moving and smashing, cold spots appearing, unusual noises and people seeing ghosts. The Psychic Investigators were called in to undertake an investigation.

orb12[1]The paranormal orb photograph was also taken on this psychic investigation which is close to the coast where tales of smuggling were rife in olden days. To read about that psychic investigation go to web link:-

Two paranormal videos were taken on this psychic investigation one in night vision and one paranormal video was taken by a group of Media students from UWIC in normal mode and you can see this clip in paranormal videos.

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Paranormal videos, paranormal video clip and paranormal photograph copyright Christopher McCarthy

Psychic art portrait copyright Jane McCarthy

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