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Psychic Investigation Bassaleg November 2006 & 25th May 2007

This Psychic Investigation published in Take a Break magazine ‘Fate and Fortune’ issue in September 2007

picture[1]02There are two paranormal video clips for this psychic investigation. The first paranormal video clip on this page shows something flying from the sound system to the bed behind Jane who is drawing the psychic art portrait (shown below) The other video clip shows an orb moving around Jane’s head as she is drawing.

Click on the camera to view the paranormal video clip which has been taken in night vision

littlegirl1[1]I was contacted by a fellow medium, David Boyce, from Bridgend SNU who is a distant relative of a couple who had encountered a paranormal problem. Apparently, the couple's little nine year old daughter, Lousise, was in bed when she heard the front door opening and someone come up the stairs and into her bedroom. She felt her face being touched - she closed her eyes tight and asked the spirit to go away not wishing to open her eyes to see - she was very scared. She ran into her father's bedroom and as she did on the landing saw a little girl in the mirror. Her mother, a nurse, was on night duty. This happened a year ago and unfortunately, the parents have tried to get Louise back into her bedroom and into her own bed.

Jane McCarthy and her team visited Bassaleg

jane13[1]On this occasion, I asked that Louise would not be present as I did not want to upset her anymore than necessary. Chris set up the video camera in Louise's bedroom as I sat at the desk undertaking the psychic artwork. Paul had already worked out the energy lines around this house and I agreed with him that an energy line ran through the front of the house and through Louise's bedroom. This should not be a problem as these energy lines go through most properties and there is two lines in my own house meeting at the bottom of the stairs. However, Louise is a sensitive young girl and maybe picking up on this energy so moving the bed out of the energy line may help Louise to settle more in the nights.

I started to draw and the image of the little girl came through. She had mousy blonde hair and blue eyes. There was something about her eyes she looked really frightened. As I was drawing her spirit came in closer and more details came through I felt that she passed during a road traffic accident and her age was around 11/12 years old. I could see big barrels on the back of a trailer and I was really not sure whether this was a horse and cart or lorry. What was clear was that these were pot men carrying barrels to the local public house around the late 1950s or the early 1960s. The men were slightly drunk and laughing as they drove down the road. They were carrying a full load and not paying attention to the road ahead. The little girl did not stand a chance as she was mowed down and I felt that she survived but only for a short while.

The scene changed and I could see the men burying the little girl by a wall next to trees. The other side of the wall was the graveyard to the church. So instead of reporting the death they covered it up and this little girl must have been recorded as missing and never found. This little girl explained that she had visited the house on the anniversary of her death as this is the place where she died.

All of us went downstairs around the table with Louise’s parents Sheila and Chris and I explained the above. Sheila knows the area where the trees are next to the graveyard. Last year four large executive houses were built on this land. Sheila thought that there were some for sale and they were only built a year ago and would make some inquiries to find out. This made sense as it was a year ago that Louise saw the little girl after her grave was disturbed.

Visit by Chris, Sheila and Louise 15th November 2006

angel02Louise, Chris and Sheila's daughter, is aged nine years old and is a very bright, sensitive girl and I felt she needed something to hold on to. I went to a crystal fair and found a little rose quartz angel. Rose quartz is a beautiful, loving crystal which helps to give the wearer or owner self love, self confidence and self worth. It gently releases old negative thoughts, deeds and energies in the aura by turning them positive by cleaning out the aura system gently and lovingly. I held the little angel in my hands and prayed to God to help, guide and heal Louise by always protecting her and making her feel safe in her home. I prayed that this little angel will help Louise to overcome her fears, her worries and burdens.

I showed Louise the psychic art portrait of the girl and told her the story and why she appeared to her on this occasion. Apparently, the 27th of November is a date that sticks out in the minds of both Chris and Sheila as on holiday they were involved in a car crash. The family walked away from that car crash safe without any injuries. The following year again on holiday and on the same date 27th November they were again involved in another car crash. However, on this occasion, the crash was serious and to this day they cannot understand how they got out of the mangled car again with no significant injuries. On looking back they realised that this little girl appeared to Louise on the 27th November 2005 and was obviously looking after her. This little girl had died because of a road accident and she was not only protecting Louise to make sure that this would not happen to her but also her family. That has gone through me with a very big shiver and that is when spirit are telling me something is spot on.

I told Louise that this little girl is protecting her and not for one moment wanted to harm or frighten, just protect. I feel that she appeared on the anniversary of her death because she could and almost replaying like a 'signature' of the house enacting out what happened. That explains why both Margaret and Paul felt they were pressed against the wall of the bedroom as maybe she was trying to avoid what was about to collide with her in her lifetime. Again, a huge shiver this is correct - poor little one. This little spirit must have given me the thought to get Louise a little angel because she is her guardian angel. Louise stated that the psychic art drawing did not look like the little girl as she wore glasses. So I asked her if she didn't wear glasses could it possibly be the same girl and Louise agreed that her hair was blonde with a fringe and wavy like drawn. Louise put her age around 12 - 14 years old so we agreed on 13 years old. Louise agreed it could possibly be her.


I received a telephone call from Sheila, Louise mother. Louise is now back in her bed. I was so delighted and excited to hear this news. I had seen spirit come through my window a few days earlier to tell me this and it is always wonderful to have confirmation. Obviously, it is still early days and they expect the odd difficult night but this was the turning point for Louise and a new confident beginning for her.


th_168_big[1]Chris has now checked the video and found a very odd paranormal video clip. Paul Prosser was sat on Louise’s bed in the bedroom when this paranormal video clip was taken and he told me that he could see an orb in the bedroom and in his mind called it over to where he was sitting. He believes that this is the orb. However, it certainly looks like a fairy or flying object. Have a look at our fairy page in the main website:- There is also a moving orb around Jane as she is drawing the psychic art portrait.

To read about the third part of this Psychic Investigation which includes the Drayman’s story, psychic artwork and paranormal photographs visit and go to Psychic Investigation number 8.

Paranormal video clip copyright Christopher McCarthy

Psychic art portrait copyright Jane McCarthy

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