Paranormal Video Clip 5

Paranormal Video taken by Anthony Thomas, bouncer of the Kooler’s Nightclub

psychicbouncers[1]Anthony pictured far left, Keith in the centre and Lee far right are the bouncers of Kooler’s Nightclub. Below is a paranormal video taken in December 2007 of the alleyway adjoining the nightclub which was the scene of a horrific murder. To read about the two psychic investigations go to website:-

Anthony Thomas copyright paranormal video, Chris and Jane McCarthy copyright paranormal photographs 2008 & 2009

Please note that this paranormal video was taken when the nightclub was open in December 2007.

passageorb[1]02       partoforb[1]

Above is a close up of the orb taken on the first psychic investigation into the alleyway by the side of the nightclub. In the second close up, right, can you see the figure of a man?

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