To come - fantastic new paranormal video by Paul Prosser

paul3[1]Paul has undertaken research work into the orbs and coming soon is a paranormal video which shows some of his experimental work.

Paul (picture above) is a family man who questions the paranormal with an open, rational mind but with a slightly skeptical slant. Paul has quickly become a valid member of the team undertaking some of the research work looking into the area from a historical point of view slanted with his love of working out the energies around the paranormal activity. From the age of 8 years Paul has believed in the spiritual realm knowing that we are not alone and guided by a higher self. Paul has recently discovered a latent ability to dowse, feel and sense orbs, energy lines and vortexes. Paul admits that his skepticism drives him to learn the truth while his rational side stops him from deceiving himself. However, coming into contact with and seeing orbs and energy fields with the naked eye has strengthened his belief that humans may not be the only sentient life force that occupy this time in space and that man has forgot to look outside himself.

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